Welcome to Musical Compositions

This section of my website provides examples of my work and invites you to hear them, see them, and download the scores. In this way you can quickly judge the merits of each piece and its appropriateness for the particular performing group that you might have in mind.

For me, composing is a labor of love. There is no fee for the right to download and perform any of my music. I am looking for a musical dialogue with performers of all ages and will consider good performances to be payment enough. In a similar spirit, I am also interested in eliciting requests for new compositions, which I would tailor to particular groups (children to professional musicians) and their needs. Again, there would be no fee for this, only the willingness to consider the work for possible performance. All I ask is to be informed of any upcoming performances of my work and to receive a copy of the program.

Before proceeding to actual examples of my work, I imagine that at this moment you're wondering, “Who are you?” Let me briefly fill you in on my background, as this will help explain my particular compositional profile. From my first piano lessons when I was four years old, music has always been at the center of my life. I received two degrees from the School of Music at the University of Michigan . In quick succession I earned a Bachelor Degree in Music Composition, married, and started my family of three children. While my children were in elementary school, I composed songs for the school choir. These songs were performed and it was the beginning of my interest in composing music for children. During this same period I taught myself guitar and banjo and performed folk music with the family and our friends.

I divide my music compositions into two major categories: music for children and music for adults. Within each category there are two subsections: instrumental and vocal music.